Below is a collection of books I have found particularly influential or useful during my journey to embrace DevOps and influence organizational change. I will update as I come across new books, feel free to let me know what I am missing! Lean, Leadership, Organization Design & Change Management Operations Read on →

Bringing down the silos in an enterprise can be a challenge. It requires grit along with a solid understanding of organization change management and group dynamics. I had the privilege of supporting two teams this past year, one that was an operations team learning development practices, and a development team that was discovering operations while introducing continuous delivery. Both approached Chef from different viewpoints, but in the end were united by this common tool set. Read on →

I had the honor of delivering one of the ChefConf 2013 keynotes. It was my first time speaking at a conference and although I was extremely nervous at the beginning, it was great fun and I learned a ton. This talk discussed the challenges of trying to push a fundamental or disruptive change into large organizations, why it is difficult, why that is actually a good thing, and then showed one way to go about it along with two real-life examples from Nordstrom. Read on →